Birth of the Pitarque River

An ideal route to do with the family

Pitarque is a municipality with 65 inhabitants, in the province of Teruel, in the Maestrazgo region.
The town, like many others in the area, suffers from abandonment, but even so its streets and houses have a lot of charm. It is also surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes.

Among the different routes that can be taken in the area, there is the one that leads to the Source of the Pitarque River. The trail leaves from the town and is a simple route of about 10 km round trip.
Throughout the entire route you can enjoy beautiful scenery.

At the entrance to the town there is a parking lot, but it is small and not suitable for motorhomes.
However, before entering the town there is a junction with a stretch of road on the left that is ideal for parking or even spending the night, since 100 meters further on the road ends.

In the photograph of the publication you can see the stretch of road that I mentioned and in the background, the gorge through which the route to the Source of the Pitarque River runs.

Without a doubt Teruel is a province with thousands of incredible places to continue exploring in a Motorhome.