10 places to enjoy with the Motorhome without leaving the Basque Country

We all want to travel so much that as soon as we can move we are going to enjoy our motorhomes like never before. Easter is very close and we want to think that when the time comes, at least we will be able to move freely around the Basque Country. Which is not little!

Although sometimes we forget, if we have plenty of something in our territory, it is interesting and beautiful places. Today we are going to remind you of 10 places in the three provinces with which you can plan a fantastic getaway.

This small municipality already borders Cantabria. Its Indian architecture is very curious to see and it has a wonderful Area for Motorhomes.
For the area is

The Karpin Natural Park, a wildlife reception center that also has Thematic Areas where the concept of "the evolution of species" is addressed and offers visits and workshops, ideal for families.

The Pozalagua Caves, a prodigy of nature, full of stalactites, stalagmites and eccentric stalactites that grow capriciously in any direction. These last ones are very unusual and their great concentration in these caves make them an international benchmark.


It is a quiet fishing village where you can take pleasant walks and has a magical island that can be reached at low tide. It is also highly recommended to visit the Santa Catalina Lighthouse, inside which there is an Interpretation Center for navigation techniques.

The municipality has a Motorhome Area to park and spend the night with peace of mind.

Coasting to the West we arrive at the Urdibai Reserve, an extraordinarily beautiful and varied natural space, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1984. The area also has an Area for AC, located in the parking lot of the Urdaibai Nature Museum Bird Center.


If urban environments are more your thing and you prefer to leave the natural spaces for the summer, remember that Bilbao has an Area for Motorhomes in Kobetamendi, from where you can see the entire city. In this other link you have the contact information.

Following the course of the estuary along the Abandoibarra promenade, walking through the 7 streets of Casco Viejo, relaxing in the Doña Casilda Park, visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, the Guggenheim or the Alhóndiga are some of the city's proposals.

Garaio Swamp

It is a magnificent natural space that offers a lot of possibilities: inland beaches for bathing and water sports, huge grassy spaces for playing, having a picnic... paths for walking or cycling...

The municipality of Elbugo has an Overnight Area for Motorhomes. Despite not having any services, it is a highly recommended area to spend a couple of days, with a nearby bathing area and many possible walks.

Izki Natural Park